Thursday, February 27, 2014

2nd Grade Penguins

This fantastic project that I will definitely be doing again I have to give 100% credit to Deep Space Sparkle via a Pinterest Post. The second I saw it I knew I had to do it. The only thing I really changed was not adding the snow over the top of everything.

I follow the lesson on DSS almost exactly including what I did each day, so I won't get to into it here.

Day 1: I read them an interactive version of one of my favorite books of all time Tacky The Penguin via my iPad and the visualizer. The app was (I think) $4 but very worth it to me because I love the book so much! To start our backgrounds we talked about blending colors into the next when we paint and I demonstrated this. At McDill we used tempera cakes because I haven't used them much and wanted to try them out and see how rich the colors were. Pretty happy with the results. Used watercolors at my other two schools because we didn't have the cakes and they were too big to bring with. Still happy but the colors just weren't as vibrant. The only rule was to fill the page and keep the lines the same direction. Careful not to say "One Direction" or you will get fan girl or "i hate them" responses. Even from 2nd grade :)

Day 2: We continued our discussion from our last project about 3D into this with the iceberg and adding things to our penguins. Then everyone got all of the supplies and we did a draw along. Everyone cut, assembled, and glued to their background on their own.

Day 3: This is when the magic happened! I found a large variety of supplies like yarn, sequins, felt etc. and let them go nuts. The only rule was to not cover your penguin or add extra things just to use them. Have a function and purpose for everything. Per-usual I had a few who did not follow either of those rules and got too carried away. I did end up having a few students who did not want to add anything to their penguins because "penguins don't wear clothes" (SO SERIOUS!) and those who missed this day just didn't get to add anything either because their project still was a completed piece without it.

All in all. SO happy with these guys, they look great! Wish I could of hung every one at every school!

 Kennedy Elementary...

Inside my Room :) I had to hang them all!

 McDill Elementary...

Jefferson Elementary...

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