Thursday, March 6, 2014

4th Grade Radial Printed Snowflakes

When I saw this post on pinterest I knew I had to do this project but jazz it up a bit! It inspired me to do printing across multiple grades, especially the printed trees we did with marker caps for snowflakes!

This project ended up being a 1 day project. I think next time I could add a few more steps. Maybe printing a boarder on another color to attach it to? Not sure. Any suggestions would be great!

To start the class, I put the words "Radial Symmetry" and "Printing" up on the board and asked them to tell me what they knew or take guess about what those words meant. After a great discussion I showed them a PDF that I put together about radial symmetry that had the definition and examples. Then I told them our subject matter was going to be snowflakes! A few days before I decided to do this project I stumbled upon an article about this amazing photographer who invented a new way to take MACRO shots of snowflakes. I put together another PDF with his photographs to show. The kiddos were really inspired by them. Before they got to work I did a quick demo about printing neatly with objects and how to create the radial symmetry. When they finished printing one we added glitter and they could do a second or have free art. Many choose to do a second :)

Jefferson Elementary...

 McDill Elementary...

 Kennedy Elementary...

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