Monday, March 31, 2014

NAEA Adventures!

It is so amazing to be here in sunny SanDeigo, California with all of these INSPIRING and INCREDIBLE Art Educators for National Art Education Association Conference. I'm learning so much and also having a great time as I get to share these days with one of my best friends from college who is a middle school Art Teacher. 

Here is a recap in pictures of my time so far! With a full day to go!

Matching Shirts Day 1. Yes. We are those people. These babies came from TeeSpring and not sure if you can still get them :(

Adventures in the Exhibit Hall brought us to this Mr Brush fun :) Suprisingly enough, more people were not taking advantage of this guy!

Finished up the day in Seaport Village for dinner (with a beautiful view) and  Buskerfest (street performer fest). Wish I had a picture of the fire breather and sword swallower but I did catch one of the guy that went inside a giant balloon!

Day 2 Matching Shirts! Keep Calm and Teach Art brought to you by the Art of Ed Apparel! 

Speaking of...At the Art of Ed booth!

Me totally fan girl-ing about Cassie Stephens! (She is an AMAZING blogger and fashionista!)

More Exhibit Hall fun visiting the Micheals Booth, this project has totally inspired me to make some of my own personal work with stamps and Inktense pencils! Stay tuned for that!

Finished up the day with Coronado. Incredible town across from the San Deigo Bay. Had to take a ferry  and then took a tandem bike. Yes you read that correctly. We took the bike a few miles across the town to one of the most incredible beaches I have seen. We couldn't resist going in the water so we wore our swimsuit bottoms and kept our shirts and cardigans on because it wasn't quite warm enough. The funny looks were so worth it and the picture of me jumping sums up my emotions at that moment perfectly. 

Day 3 Matching Color Wheel Shirts!

Stay tuned for the rest of Day 3 adventures!

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