Sunday, February 16, 2014

3rd Grade, Snowmen at Night!

If you have not read the snowmen series of books by Caralyn and Mark Buehner you are really missing out! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and there are so many possibilities of projects to do with these books. I read Snowmen at Night at my 3rd graders before they made these incredible chalk drawings....

Day 1: At the end of the previous art class I had students experiment with drawing chalk and we talked about the characteristics of it, how it worked, what did it do, clean or messy etc.... I did this same process with 4th graders when we did our charcoal trees. It seemed to make them be more comfortable and confident with the material when we actually started the project.

Day 2: I read students the book Snowmen at Night and had them observe the illustrations. We talked about the moonlight, shadows, and color schemes the illustrator used to achieve the look of night. Then we talked about shadows and highlights and looked at images showing a light source with objects and shadows. I had them tell me where my shadow would be depending on where the light was a few times just to emphasis how important this was for our project. I then did a demo of the snowman showing how to add shadow and shading with the chalk. It was very easy to see who did and didn't listen because I talked about adding features and details last otherwise they would smear when working on the shading. And of course I had some who didn't follow that key direction :) Almost all finished in one class (a handful had to finish next time they came to art).

Once again I was inspired by a Pinterest Post. And, there isn't any images of Kennedy yet because the 3rd grade teacher there loved these so much they are doing a writing piece with them! I loved this project so much I didn't want to wait any longer to post it... so I will just do an update when she displays them.

Jefferson Elementary...

She originally did the moon on the wrong side so she turned it into a snowball to correct it!

 McDill Elementary...

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