Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Windows

Continuing with the winter theme, 1st graders made these awesome winter windows!

 Inspired by this Pinterest/Artsonia post. I knew I liked the idea of the project, but wanted to do more, so LIGHTBULB! Curtains! And they ended up being a great addition! I love Art that interacts with viewers. However, I am waiting to see curtains on the ground from students doing a little too much peeking!

This was a great two class project.

At the end of the previous class I gave them a blank window with the cross in the middle to unknowingly "brainstorm" without them knowing this was going to be our next project. It was interesting to see what kids did four separate pictures and which understood it was the cross of the window.

Day 1: Read a winter story! (Since we started this project a few weeks ago I can't remember which one I read!) Any story works as long as it takes place outside in the winter....Then we talked about interior/exterior/inside/outside. They spent the rest of the time painting our snow and snowmen.

Day 2: They used oil pastels to add features and items to the snowmen and other things that could be outside our windows in the winter. Windows were then created with pre-cut strips and a tracer for the curtain shape. It was really important that I talked about how to glue the curtains because many had the natural instinct to just glue the entire thing down. I used my own example to show the magic in lifting it up and discovering more parts of the picture :)

At two schools, they did get hung with some Kindergarten snowmen who were working on vertical and horizontal..

Kennedy Elementary...

 McDill Elementary...

Jefferson Elementary...

Ugh, Strips are so boring!

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