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A few of my classes were really ahead last week so to celebrate the Olympics 2nd-6th worked on this awesome collaborative project! Kinderbeaners and 1st had an individual project that was also an option for 2-6 to do if they did not want to participate in the group collaborative...

I started each class off with the image in a powerpoint slide of the Olympic Ring flag asking if they knew what it was. Almost all did! With K-2 I just asked them to share what they knew about the Olympics and then we talked about the meaning of the colors and the amount of rings. This is one of those fun times where I researched and then got to teach what I learned which always makes it more exciting for me because it awakens my fun fact inner nerd :) 3-6 had more slides about the history of the Olympics and Olympic Rings being designed. We also talked about the meanings of the rings and colors.

For the older students, groups started working to collage the rings that I had pre-draw by tracing my garbage can (resourceful I know!) Wherever the last class finished the next picked up. By the time we finished these I had 3 sets at 2 schools and 1 at another due to catching up on other projects. I did the cutting and assembling, mostly for time sake.

Jefferson Elementary...

Kennedy Elementary...
(the 3rd set will hang in my room)

McDill Elementary...

My Kinders and 1st graders (and individual workers in 2-6) made mini olympic flags and I challenged them to try to do it without drawing lines. Most messed up on the first and second but by ring #5 they were all awesome at making the "doughnuts" as they called them. When they finished they were supposed to draw their favorite winter olympic sport on the back. They took these home same day, so I made sure I took pictures, they were just too cute not to share! The rings were about the same on everyones but some of my big kids went the extra step to embellish them a bit!

Ice skater who is balancing a dog on her head....
Davis and White! GOLD! 
Ski Jumping?



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