Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mono-print "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts" Mittens with 3rd Grade

One of the projects I saw my students have the most fun doing last year was their mono-print mitten project. I knew from that experience that I wanted to do it again this year but change it up a bit. My original post here talks more about setup and the demo.

There were just two changes I made to the project this year. I decided to forget the sketches of mittens in crayons and just had them practice drawing mittens on scratch paper before I gave them their good piece of paper. I also switched up the second portion of the lesson when I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest (that was image only so I can't give any credit).

Instead of the words like we had done when I did this project the first time...we instead cut our mittens out and made paper snowflakes and hearts to go with the display of mittens.

Obviously I had way too many when the time came to display them but it sure was a lot of fun watching them make hearts and snowflakes. I originally wanted to get up the display before Valentine's Day but I couldn't quite make it happen and it ended up going up a week later. Really happy with the way the clothes line and clothespins worked out...

Jefferson Elementary...

McDill Elementary...

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