Monday, November 4, 2013

3rd Grade Complimenting Complementary Pumpkins

I always try to find ways to teach color wheel concepts without the typical color wheel worksheets and projects. Students just seem to enjoy it, and remember it, more in a project about something other than the color wheel!

Since it is Halloween season and Fall, I chose to use pumpkins that were complimenting each other (Social skills!) to teach the concept of Complementary Colors. I also try to relate back to real life experiences..."Where do you see complementary colors together?" My best examples are Christmas colors, Bears colors, and Vikings colors, the kids get a kick out of this because they boo at me when I say Bears and Vikings (the little Packer fans that they are). And they are complimenting because complementary colors look good together. Here is the poster I made to go with it!

Here is the artwork!

McDill Elementary, just hung on a strip...

Jefferson Elementary, hung outside of the 3rd grade rooms above the lockers, these walls/boards are very difficult to hang on, they do not hold staples and tacks well, a lot are falling, do not know if I will try this again...

Kennedy Elementary, the best I pulled for the district Art show before I hung these up and got the pictures taken but these are still some of my favorites....


  1. I absolutely love these. I always do the compliment thing when I introduce the Complementary colors but I love the idea of the pumpkins really giving a compliment. I'll have to figure out how to integrate this idea into one of my future projects.

    1. It was a hoot! And displayed, it was like they were interacting with others hung next to them!