Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Grade Skeletons!

This awesome idea for a project came from another Elementary Art Teacher in the district, Pam Somers. If you cannot tell already, I love using construction paper and cutting it to collage for different parts of projects. It is a pretty affordable supply and students do not seem to be intimated by it much like other supplies.

This one was SO fun to introduce. We have these really amazing miniature model skeletons in our classrooms and I found an awesome free app on my personal iPad of the human skeleton. I shared really cool skeleton facts with students and we talked about how artists, before x-ray machines, would dig up skeletons to better learn how to draw the human body (a fun fact my favorite art history teacher told me).

I created the sketching sheet below with multiple styles of skeletons to help students that lacked in drawing abilities still be successful. The biggie for this was communicating a profession or hobby by the things their skeleton was wearing or doing. For some reason, this was hard for a lot of students even with a huge variety of examples.

When they finished they did a little writing piece that included what their skeleton did for fun or a living and they added a skeleton fact that they found most interesting. Overall, project was very popular at all three schools with students and viewers in the hallway!

McDill Elementary...

Anyway they can add in Minecraft, they do it!

 Kennedy Elementary...

Jefferson Elementary...

This student found the way to my heart with Ke$ha


  1. What a fun idea! I love the last one! This seems to be a very creative way to get them to learn body structure. I love it!

    1. Thanks! It was one of those projects that you can really see the huge variety in skills across 1 grade level. I will probably do this one again :)