Monday, November 4, 2013

5th Grade Collaborative Trees

I'm always slightly hesitant with collaborative projects, you just never know the dynamics of the class and who will and won't follow the "rules" to make it successful. I took a big leap by having this as not only the first project for my 5th graders, but also in combination with not knowing them well or their work ethic and ability to follow directions. But they sure showed me! I only had a few students at each school that didn't stick with the guidelines but we still managed to work their project in. I have never gotten so many compliments on a display as I have these last few weeks with these beauties. I'm so proud of these kids, they even hung them up and fit them together themselves (with a little help from me and other staff). Got this idea from this pinterest post/blog.

Jefferson Elementary, two 5th grades worked off of both trees...

Kennedy Elementary, one 5th grade, one tree...

McDill Elementary, my favorite of the three, three 5th grades, one tree! This was really the best space for this project at all three schools...


  1. This is just awesome! I love how creative you think to have the branches wrap around the walls and continue. It adds a surreal element to this very lively tree. I'm also obsessed with the complementary pumpkins. You just think of the coolest things.

  2. Thanks! And the pumpkins were a totally original idea too! :)