Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chinese Dragons with 1st Grade

Sometimes I do a project that I think will be really fun and when the kiddos get down to working on it, the spark is missing. While they didn't complain about this project I really felt their enjoyment lacking so I will have to play around with this one a bit if I decide to do it again in the future....

I Can Statements:
I can discuss the difference between Western and Eastern dragons.
I can create an Eastern dragon using paper and string.

Day 1: For the introduction to this project I made a few google slides comparing and contrasting dragons from the two parts of the world. Because I was saying "Eastern" and "Western" so much we used our large world map in the room to to review directions and sides of the world. Then we talked about how dragons show up a lot in different festivals and they got to watch this performance video I found on YouTube...

When it was time to work I started with a demo on my document camera of gluing the string down and using the template I made below like a map to put the pieces over the top of to see if they were similar size and shape to what I needed... they were not required to use the template but many did. Then they got to work using the scrap boxes to make their heads of the dragon.

Day 2: Had them tell me differences between Eastern and Western Dragons and I was so happy to find that they remember a ton! Did a short demo on the document camera about using the "funky scissors", as I like to call them, to cut strips of scraps to be the body. I also showed them that I measured with my finger to make sure they weren't too skinny or fat otherwise too many will get covered up when the dragon curves. 

When they were done working I had a variety of How to Draw dragon sheets for them to use and draw dragon pictures from...I'll show you those later!

Changes for next attempt: We were a bit short on time because it was the end of the year but I was thinking about adding a border and possibly talking about calligraphy. Also switching up the materials into something more fun? Maybe adding some metallic paper?

While I don't think this was up there with #1 projects they loved they sure learned a lot and that I am proud of!

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  1. What a Fun Project for the little ones! I am going to try this with my students. I think it would be fun to incorporate some techniques to make the dragon more 3D like paper folding, bending, curling, and quiling techniques.