Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Name Art - End of Year Activity

While first, second, and third graders were busy working on their Summer in a Jar for the end of the year, fourth through sixth were busy creating these awesome works of art. Like the jars, this could also be a great project at the start of the year to help learn or refresh names and get a visual assessment of their skill levels.

I wanted something for them to do that they could work very independently on so I could get students that were missing work caught up and work on cleaning the room for the summer (and my eventual exit from the district). Before they started working I showed them some different examples of name art (see below) and told them my expectations. Challenge yourself, use the whole page, do your best work, and do something different. They could use any "dry" medium. And could use their full name, nickname, part of their name, or initials.

This is a favorite way to end the year for me because most of them really walk away feeling proud of their art no matter what style they did or materials they used!

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  1. Wow, these kids did a wonderful job, I remember when I was of their age, I was really bad when it comes to design an art. Thank you for sharing it with us,