Friday, August 14, 2015

Bugs Up Close with Kindergarten

This project was so fun to watch them create...watching their little fingers blend the flowers and listening to them dreaming up bugs was just awesome....

I Can Statements:
I Can talk about how things look bigger under a magnifying glass.
I Can draw flowers with more than two colors.

Day 1: Read them a story about a garden and bugs (cannot for the life of me remember which one). Then we watched the timelapse below of flowers growing, looked a pictures of flowers, and talked about all the colors they saw in each flower. After this chat I did a demo on the document camera of different ways to draw flowers with the oil pastels. They had to draw at least six flowers with two going off the page.

Day 2: Watched a YouTube video of bugs close up. Pretty freaky stuff. We talked about how and why things look the way they do under a magnifying glass. (DANG, I should've used real ones--that would have been awesome, next year!)

Then I gave them a piece of paper that matched the color flower they wanted to put their bug on and they drew a bug from either looking at the image below or they could make up a bug.

I gave them a piece of black paper that had a magnifying glass already traced on it to cut out and glue their bug on. These turned out pretty ridiculously cute.

This second day had a lot of time left so we did an extension of drawing a jar full of bugs interacting with the jar. I like the idea of this being a project next year...

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