Sunday, August 31, 2014

Go to Sub Activity for 3rd through 6th Grade: "Do You Doodle?"

I lied, one more thing to share from last year before the year begins!

I get really nervous about substitutes, like I am sure most of you do, so I like to have something simple, yet really fun for the kids to do when I'm gone. I was at a huge book store looking through clearance when I found this guy --> Do You Doodle? by Nikalas Catlow. At the time, what I am using it for now wasn't my intention, but man I am glad I figured this one out!

There is a lot of complete the doodle books out there but this one is great because it is all black and white and easy to photocopy. There is a small start of a drawing and a written prompt for each. I did have to shrink the pages down in the copy machine but once I did it one time I filed them away so I don't have to deal with doing that again.

The first time they have a sub I have the sub give them a folder to keep these in throughout the year to work on when I am gone....building sort of a mini-portfolio. Then I have the sub show them my examples and put emphasis on using multiple materials and a large amount of detail. They should only complete 2 or 3 TOPS per class. I have about 20-30 different ones photocopied so they have a lot of choice and can't say "I don't like any of those". This year I will put out new ones to the old collection. They got to take the mini-portfolio home with them at the end of the year, but not before I looked through almost 500+ of them to find my favorites to photograph. It was a great surprise for me because I wasn't there when they did these and didn't look at them at all during the year!

I only do this with 3rd-6th and come up with something else for K-2 when there is a sub but I might try these with 2nd this year too...

Just look how seriously awesome some of these are!

Morbid but awesome.

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