Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coloring Mixing Ice Cream Cones with 3rd & 4th Grade

While I had 4 classes for one last project with some of my 3rd and 4th graders I only had 2 or 3 with others. So, I changed up the final product of my 3rd & 4th Grade Color Mixing Gum Ball Machines to ice cream for a little faster project. A big pro of this instead of the gum ball machines was that they mixed with a little more intention and I was able to "require" an amount of secondary/tints/shades/intermediate which I didn't with gum ball machines because of the volume of painting.

I CAN statement for this project:
I CAN use my knowledge of the color wheel and color concepts to create unique ice cream "flavors" with paint.

Day 1: Intro! Literally the exact same as the gum ball machines except their name went on a long piece of sulfite paper instead of tag board.

Day 2: Quick review and then the painting was underway. I still did not tell them what they were making but explained that the painted circles should be roughly the same size and talked about how many secondary/tints/shades/intermediates I wanted them to try.

Day 3: For most of these classes it was the last day of art. I revealed what they were turning the painted circles into and gave them the tan paper and brown sharpies. They didn't need to use all of the circles they painted and could cut them smaller/bigger/into swirls if they wanted. We had PLENTY of time to play our last day of art games when they finished. I would of loved to have them do some writing and show them Wayne Thiebaud but that pesky time and end of the year craziness got the best of us!

Really enjoyed the extra detail some of them added!

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