Sunday, August 24, 2014

Color Extension and Sub Activity with K-2

I love to have an extension after each project not only because it occupies the early finishers but because it is using what we are working on in another way. The more connections the better!

Per usual, I got my inspiration from a  Pin on pinterest of a turtle with the shell as the color wheel, it linked to this awesome stuff.

Great thing about this? It worked as a sub project/lesson for my little ones the class after we did our color mixing birds and talked about the color wheel :)

As an extension: With a 1 minute intro for what to do, when my 2nd graders finished their umbrellas, they grabbed the blank color wheel printed on card stock and created some awesome color wheel creations....

As a sub lesson: I have a pretty good color DVD that I'm sure most Art Teachers have...

It was a planned absence so I re-watched the movie myself and found to what chapter was appropriate for K-1.

I had the sub show them those chapters and review with them what they learned previously and just re-learned in the movie before showing them my example. My sub was a retired art teacher so I trusted she did a good job, you could have something outlined for the sub of what things to review with them if you are hesitant to let them do it on their own.

Some other ideas for this: I thought about the possibility of next year having this as an activity for a pre and post assessment? Should something as simple as this have an objective/ I CAN for students?


I asked the sub to hold on to them and I had the kiddos that did it as an extension leave them behind because I wanted to take pictures. I could of taken a picture of everyone, some were so hilarious...

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