Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Color Mixing Umbrellas with Second Grade

School starts in a week and I'm still blogging about projects from last year! My goal this year is to get them up quicker and not back blog!

This project was one that ended up being different from class to class because we were getting down to the final days of art, some have splatter painted rain while others used torn paper. It just came down to time. If and when I do this project again I will leave it up to them. I'm going to go ahead and predict with confidence that splatter painting will be the favored choice!

 From what I remember this project is my own but I'm sure I was influenced by all the awesome umbrella/rain projects on Pinterest....FOUND THE PIN!

I CAN statement for this project:
I CAN show my knowledge of the color wheel and mixing primary colors to make secondary colors to paint an umbrella.

Day 1: Intro! Started with my awesome YouTube find I mentioned in the color project post.

We used this as the jumping off point for talking about the color wheel and what goes where and why. I found some awesome stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers to use as tools in this discussion, by far...this one was the best! Great graphics and worksheets! After we chatted I had them fill out a color wheel (provided by my TpT download)...Doesn't it look great, and simple!?

Once their color wheel was approved by me, after they checked with a buddy too, I gave them one of these sheets to work on...

The same TpT packet had these too! And multiple versions! And pages to cut the answers from! SERIOUSLY. AWESOME. Just about everyone finished these activities and spent time finishing other work when done. I worked with kiddos in small groups that weren't quite getting it so they would be ready for part 2 next art class.

Day 2: Review! Started with the video again, pausing when I could for them to answer what was going to happen or what things were called. Then I revealed our project and demonstrated setting up the umbrella and mixing. I had tracers for the umbrella shape and they had to draw in the sections of the umbrella. We talked about how our goal was to get the primaries down first to keep our paint and brushes "clean" then make the secondaries. The "It's rainbow order!" lightbulb clicked pretty fast once painting started.

 For those that had an extra class, splatter painting was next! There was quite a bit of time so while they worked on the umbrellas I called groups of 3 or 4 over to splatter. We used a magazine to block out the space for the umbrella where it was keeping us dry!

If they did not have an extra class they got to work collaging a person under the umbrella and tearing paper to make raindrops and other extras. If they got really behind they just did a handle. On their last day of art they quickly drew the sections back in with sharpie and glued the umbrella on with glue stick so they could take it home.

Day 3: For the kiddos that had another day we started collaging and gluing everything together to the splatter painting and it was done before the last day of art so we could enjoy art games together and did not have to scramble to finish things!

Check out more amazing student work!

Loving how it hangs over...
Seriously! How awesome is this kiddo!?

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