Monday, February 9, 2015

Collaborative Continuous Line & Shapes

As mentioned in my post about the project "Ish" I did with my 2nd and 3rd graders. I attempted to do a collaborative project with another Elementary Art Teacher in the district and it totally failed. We had it all planned out but when you only see a group once every 6 days plus the weekend...It is hard to make sure everyone did one and get all the art where it needs to go. BUT! I made it work. Instead of collaborating with another school we just went across classrooms and another grade level. The inspiration came from Pinterest that originated over at Splish Splash Splatter!

I Can Statements:
I can use continuous line to start a collaborative project
I can identify geometric and organic shapes and use them in a collaborative work
I can use tints and shades to color in organic and geometric shapes

Day 1: Started off by showing some amazing art work of all different subject matter and had them try to figure out what they all had in common. Eventually, one kiddo in every class had the light bulb come on and figured it out that they were all created with one continuous line!
To start work time I showed them a video demo of me using a sharpie to fill a paper with one continuous line that was crazy but not crazy enough that it looked like scribbles. (P.s. If you do video demos, fast forward through parts, they think its hilarious!) Then they got busy creating their own. At this point we would have traded with the other school for them to add the shapes and potentially color as well so I did the "Ish" project as something to do during that exchanged time. It was during this class that we started the "Ish" project with the Tumble Book and planning sheet.

Day 2: "Ish" Project! This is where we would have done work on the other schools projects but FAIL.

Day 3: Shape time! Started with a slideshow about organic vs. geometric shapes that had some pretty neat animations of the shapes and objects transforming. Once that discussion was over we did a fun activity where I gave each student a different shape that was cut out of construction paper and laminated. They had to move to different places in the room depending on the kind of shape they had. After this activity they each took turns coming up to the board to draw a shape and choosing another classmate to guess geometric or organic. After all this excitement they got someone else's continuous line artwork and had to trace two of one kind of shape and one of the other. My not so great listeners added more shapes but stuff happens! A little art making, a lot of learning this day.

Day 4: Coloring! Started off the class looking at this Tints and Shades page of this awesome PDF I got on TpT via Brownie Points (Nicole Brown).

We talked about how when someone traced a big shape over the top of their continuous line it became a bunch of little shapes. And each big shape was one color broken into tints are shades inside those little shapes. The only demo was showing how I could get three colors/values with just one pencil. Some 2nd graders struggled with coloring but all in all there was success.

Day 5: Because of the intricacies in a lot of these we needed a second day to color these and finish up "Ish" and other projects.


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