Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Ish" Drawings with 2nd & 3rd

I attempted to do a collaborative project with another art teacher in the district so I needed an in between project to take up a day before they got their projects back to finish. I wanted this inbetweener to be connected so I went back to a favorite I did while I was doing my long term art job....

The collaborative project they were working on (more on that later) started with using a continuous line so I wanted a mini project that would continue that concept, that is where Ish came in! I'm sure most of you have read "Ish" by Peter Reynolds. If you haven't you are seriously missing out!
I can statement: I can use continuous line to draw "ish-ly"

Day 1:  We started the class learning about continuous line and doing the first part of the collaborative project which takes very little time. Then, I played them the TumbleBook version of the book and then I did a few practice drawings of how to draw things "Ish-ly". This is accomplished by not picking up the pencil no matter where you need to get on the paper to draw. Once they had the idea down I gave them this worksheet to try 6 different nouns.

After they finished the sheet they mini-conferenced with me on which one to do for their project.

Day 2: We watched the TumbleBook Ish again as a refresher then they got their sheets back with their chosen noun starred. A quick demo of me using my whole paper and writing the title of my "Ish" drawing and they were off to work. Almost all finished :)

Jefferson Elementary...

McDill Elementary...

These just turned out great and put such a smile on my face!


  1. Thanks for the nomination! This was really fun for me :) Love you


  2. These are Great! I love how creative each one was. They are unique, interesting..and Funny!! Your passion shines through your students.

    1. Thanks Amanda! It was fun seeing others (students and adults) looking at these and just smiling and laughing :) The little things like that are the best!