Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Art Show

Not even two months after our Youth Art Month show and another art show appeared! Two months may seem like a lot, but when you are on a 6 day rotation, doing projects that take 3+ classes, panic mode sets in trying to find work for another show! This show takes place in the district office and the art stays up from the end of April through the summer (fall show went up in November and came down when these went up). All the schools, K-12, in the district participate and art lines the walls of the office building! Families get invited to an opening in May to come view the work and you wouldn't believe the amount of people that show up, it is pretty amazing and exciting to be a part of!

Congrats to all of my amazingly talented kiddos who were selected!

McDill Elementary...

Jefferson Elementary...

 Kennedy Elementary...

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  1. Que buenos trabajos! Felicitaciones! lo invito a visitar mi blog: saludos Ana.