Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art Show Opening!

For our district K-12 Art Show, each school in the district chooses 20-30 pieces to mount and display in the district office. The work stays up for a few months and there is an opening night for families to come view the work and celebrate their child's artist achievement (with punch and cookies)! Because the art teachers are not the ones actually hosting or putting on the event, so we are not required to attend...Seems nuts right!? The teachers that choose not to go, say they don't go because it is a night for the students, not the teachers. However, because I am only in my three buildings limited time with students, many parents don't have a face to the name of their child's favorite teacher (hehe) so I choose to go to try to become more involved. I also love seeing the pride in my students showing off their work to their parents. ALSO, it gives me a huge, very needed at this time of the year, ego boost from all the compliments. Come on, you all love getting them too at art shows!

I sported my awesome Cassie Stephens hair clip that I was gifted at NAEA, got many compliments on that alone...Thanks Cassie!

 I already posted pictures of some of the work from when I first hung it, but here is the full walls for a little refresher!
Jefferson Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
McDill Elementary

Are your art shows anything like ours?
I would love to do an arts night next year at one of my buildings to start, think it is a good idea or too much work?


  1. Looks fantastic! Love the hair clip - wore mine at the art show as well :)