Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Roaring with Texture! (1st & 2nd)

One of my  favorite things to create with students is animals. Just like the pigs I did with Kindergarten, so many personalities with students show through. And, while the process is the same for each student, the end results vary drastically!

These texture lions were part my own creation and part inspiration from Pinterest. Lion projects are all over the place... Here are a few of the favorites I stumbled across...

"I CAN" statement for this project: I CAN use texture to create a lion mane using string. (Check out my post on that to learn about my love hate relationship with these I CAN statements)

Day 1: Read this really great book that was in the school library. It's from the 70s so the illustrations are much different than what students are used to and the language is just a little dated but it is an awesome story about being yourself :) Available on Amazon!

After the story we had a discussion about texture. What is it? What are examples of texture? Feel your skin, hair, table, bottom of your shoes...Why do artists use texture? After our discussion, I did a draw along for the lion that I came up with which mostly consisted of drawing letter Cs in different directions. The lines on the nose were a little difficult for students to understand but after showing them illustrations of lions and real pictures of lions, it was settled that we needed them. We finished up the class period by painting just the fur color of the lion and making sure we did not cover up our pencil all the way so we could see it next time to paint in the features.

Day 2: Started with a reminder discussion of texture. Then it was all about the mane. First step was cutting out the mane and tracing it on the background of choice so they knew where to put the mane. Then I did my "magic trick" demo of the small about of glue needed for string by gluing one then automatically tipping my paper upside down. I had all the string pre-cut and a variety dumped into buckets for each table to save time.While students were working on the manes, small groups came over to add the features to their lion face. They could have any eye and nose color they wanted and I tried limited face lines to black but some just got carried away :)

Day 3: Finish up the manes, attach head to the mane and DONE.When finished if time allowed, they did the shape animal challenge I posted on a few weeks ago!

Loved this project, wouldn't of changed a thing!

Jefferson Elementary...

Kennedy Elementary...

McDill Elementary...

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