Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break Drawing Challenge

After seeing a few monthly free draw challenges from Tiny Art Room I was inspired to give my students something to do over Spring Break! The biggest challenge for me was writing prompts that were gender neutral and would appeal for students across age groups. I ended up offering it to 3-6 but some K-2 students got a hold of it that really love art! My bad for not putting the grades under the directions. Across my 3 schools 50 students participated. I'm going to work on getting a prize for all of them. Hopefully Michael's will give me a hefty discount or donation. High Hopes!
Here are some of my favorites and best of the best that got handed in across all 3 buildings...

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  1. Awesome work! I was looking forward to seeing these when you were telling me about them. Let me know if you need help with any prizes. Perhaps an artist trading card from a certain artist I'm very close to (ME) :) Or just some extras from my personal collection. Either way, keep rockin that art room!