Tuesday, April 8, 2014

6th Grade Snow Globes


 The last of the "winter" projects are here! Okay, so these aren't all winter but they were inspired by a very wintery subject of snow globes!

On Wisconsin!
This project was really well received because of the open subject matter, however, students were disappointed they were not going to be 3D (I just couldn't figure out the most cost effective way to make it happen! Any ideas?). The only comprehension issues were with the idea of a controlled space. The idea was to draw a snow globe that could be a real one. That meant nothing free floating, nothing attached to the glass (unless it was via the base), and everything in the "frame" of the globe. I think if I do this again I will focus more on trying to make the globe spheres more realistic not just a glare in the glass. I could incorporate shading and shadow and putting the snow globe somewhere so it isn't just a cut and glue to plain paper. That way they can be more realistic by seeing images through the globe not just a color! WHY COULDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE!? I was originally inspired from a pinterest pin from here, but you know what I do, put my own twist!

This one made it into the YAM Art Show at the Portage County Public Library!

Day 1: Watched this awesome pixar short on YouTube featuring a snow globe! Viewed images of all different snow globes to talk about what makes a snow globe a snow globe (content, structure, see-through, etc.) and started a planning sheet. My planning sheets are really simple, mostly just boxes with reminders of what things they need to include and they can either sketch or write. If I needed them to develop an idea more I have them draw it on the blank back. I get A LOT of moans and groans about planning sheets (less now that it's the end of the school year, they are used to it!) but I see more well thought out projects almost very time I use them...

Day 2: Traced an ice cream pail lid to get the perfect circle and size and started drawing. Some started coloring.

Day 3: Talked about how to achieve the glare on the glass and about the see-through-ness of the the globe. Continued drawing and coloring.

Day 4: Finished coloring and assembled. Add snow if desired, we used Q-tips and white tempera. 

Late, independent, finishers almost all forgot the glare = FRUSTRATION!

Also, I am well aware some of these look more like crystal balls, I will might require a pile of snow at least on the bottom of the globe next time, maybe out of some cool 3D material!? Still thinking!

McDill Elementary...

I think he has done turtles on EVERY project somehow :)

 Jefferson Elementary...

 Kennedy Elementary...

I never had a chance to hang these at Kennedy before we had more things to hang that weren't winter!

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