Monday, October 28, 2013


Because I only see my students 1 day in a 6 day rotation for 45 minutes I try to give them as much work time as possible...Sometimes I do this by not demonstrating certain parts of the project because I think they can do it with just me explaining. Turns out that doesn't work (for any grade). Here on out, I really need to demo ALMOST everything. So many questions and do-overs can be avoided making it worth it to have 5 minutes less work time!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Windy Day Trees

The best advice I got from one of the other district Art Teachers was that its okay to double up on projects for different grades to keep myself from going insane (I see all 7 grades in 1 day). I don't think I have it in me to do the EXACT same project because I love all the different things that come through my rooms, but here is the case where I did almost identical projects. In both classes we read "Leaf Man" by Lois Elhert (which I always have mixed feelings about her books, the writing is so difficult as far as flow...) and talked about what colors the leaves turn in the fall. 1st grade took it a step further by imagining what it would look like if leaves turned any color possible. Day two for both classes was the same, we read the "The Windy Day" by Anna Milbourne and Elena Temporin, talked about how artists showed wind, and added it to our paper. REALLY loved how these turned out and each school a little different depending on the paper we had laying around...


McDill Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary in Office
Kennedy Elementary

This one is probably my favorite and will be going into the fall art display in our district office!

 1st Grade....

McDill Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Kennedy Elementary

Almost every student that did one of these projects was successful and that makes for one very happy Art Teacher! These will for sure get done again in the future!

2nd Grade Pumpkins!

I can't help myself. I love seasons and holidays too much not to do projects that go with them! I do have a few Jehovah Witness' so I am ready to adapt if it does happen. Thankfully all of my 2nd graders at all 3 schools could take part in the project. My display availability is very different at each school so all three are shown since I loved this project so much. There were so many different personalities to the pumpkins!

Jefferson Elementary School
McDill Elementary School
Kennedy Elementary School

This one looks so sad but I just love it!

"Minecraft" Inspired

Had to stack to save room but I think it added to the cuteness!

This one might be my favorite!

You can see that I love big bulletin boards. Strips are just so boring!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Now that my toes are wet into my first full year of teaching, and I'm finally jumping in and starting a blog!

With so many Art Education blogs out on the world wide web that I use for inspiration in my classrooms, I thought I would join forces to show the work that I do with students and my many adventures as an Art Educator.

For a little background...
I am currently teaching in the Stevens Point Area Public School District in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I got hired as part time for one school in July and one week before school started (with a massive schedule change for the entire district) I moved to full time at THREE schools. We run a six day rotation...I'm at McDill Elementary for two and a half days, Jefferson Elementary for two days, and Kennedy Elementary for one and half days in Junction City. It is a very busy schedule of 41 sections and almost no prep time. At last minute I received a full time assistant (our district calls them EAs, or Educational Assistants). She helps with classroom management, prep work, and helping kids play catch up! She has been my hero!