Sunday, October 20, 2013


Now that my toes are wet into my first full year of teaching, and I'm finally jumping in and starting a blog!

With so many Art Education blogs out on the world wide web that I use for inspiration in my classrooms, I thought I would join forces to show the work that I do with students and my many adventures as an Art Educator.

For a little background...
I am currently teaching in the Stevens Point Area Public School District in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. I got hired as part time for one school in July and one week before school started (with a massive schedule change for the entire district) I moved to full time at THREE schools. We run a six day rotation...I'm at McDill Elementary for two and a half days, Jefferson Elementary for two days, and Kennedy Elementary for one and half days in Junction City. It is a very busy schedule of 41 sections and almost no prep time. At last minute I received a full time assistant (our district calls them EAs, or Educational Assistants). She helps with classroom management, prep work, and helping kids play catch up! She has been my hero!

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