Monday, September 25, 2017

Collaborative Dot Paintings

FINALLY did a dot project and finished it in time for Dot Day! I've wanted to do one the last few years but just never jumped on it or was inspired by something else first. This year, right before the start of the year a post on the Art Teacher facebook page caught my eye and I ran with it! This was the post by Art Educator Nichole Sitler Gates on the Art Teacher Facebook group that inspired our paintings:
I've got to give her credit because I ran it the same way based on what I saw in her pictures. Each table had a big sheet of bulletin board paper as well as a tray of paint cups with equal number of brushes so we didn't need to wash. Classes earlier in the day laid the base for classes that came after and when one paper was full I laid out another. So they started looking like the one below...

And ended up looking like this when all finished and hung together in the hallway! There are about 10 more not pictured because we ended up with so many! Very thankful for our giant empty hallway by the front of the building....

Here are some close ups.

With Kindergarten in the middle of the day, I was a little nervous about letting them paint for the first time EVER on these already started dot paintings. So instead they painted on 24x36 papers (two at a table) and I turned those paintings into the lettering. I also put out less paint to keep the stimuli a little lower for their eagar hands.

I've gotten so many comments and compliments from students and staff about how much they brighten our school and I cannot wait to look at them all year!

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