Monday, January 4, 2016

4th Grade Yearbook Covers (2015)

When I started in my new district this year the big THANG in the Elementary Art program is 4th graders designing the covers for the yearbook. We do a joint elementary yearbook of all the elementary buildings so it is a pretty big deal. It was also a big and long undertaking but they really did a great job! The middle school art teachers choose the winning covers. One is chosen for the main or back cover and three for the inside.

The bottom right and top left won two of the inside cover spots!
We talk a lot about good design, fonts, best coloring, and creating sketches and drafts. Here are some of the sheets we used for this process, including a rubric when they were finished.

In the past coloring goes out the window in big areas so to help prevent that I had color sticks by crayola for them to use in large areas. If you haven't used color sticks they are essentially a naked colored pencil. No wood surrounding the color core. 

When they were finished everything had to be colored and have a sharpie outline.

Bottom left won a cover spot! 
I think the only change I'll make next year is to do a color test/skill check differently, maybe a coloring sheet!?

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