Tuesday, January 12, 2016

3rd Grade Passports (2015)

The Art curriculum for 3rd graders in our district is to explore other cultures and parts of the world through Art. To help track our world "travels" I created a passport with help/inspiration from here. Students use their passport each time we start and finish a project or as I say when we "arrive" and "depart" from our destination. When we took our first "trip" to India at the start of the year they got their cover page and first entry page of their passports.

Typically for a project I do my big intro and then together (on the SMART Board) we fill out the side 1 of the entry page before we start the artmaking portion of the day. The top portion is straight forward but the last part asks "How is this place connected to Art?" Now that we are almost 1/2 way through the year I no longer write word for word what they need to write and just give them some vocabulary that I want them to include.

Side 2 is totally independent when they finish their project. They can either write a fact they remember about where we traveled, something process related to the project, or even along the lines of if they overcame any challenges. 

The pages are hole punched and held together with brad fasteners making it easy to add each new page with each new destination.

My favorite part is reading their responses and stamping their pages with my compass stamp from Hobby Lobby!

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