Thursday, December 31, 2015

O'Keeffe Fall Leaves (2015)

Okay so I'm a little behind posting since we did this in fall....but that is what break is for!
Second grade Elementary Art Curriculum is focused on artists. After we wrapped up Matisse and our paper cut-outs we moved on to Wisconsin's own Georgia O'Keeffe.

This is a repeat project for me and you can find the original lesson here.

I Can Statements: I Can talk about Georgia O'Keeffe. I Can practice drawing many different kinds of leaves. I Can draw my best leaf using the whole back of my paper. I Can add details and an outline to my leaf with my best craftsmanship.

The project is based on one of my FAVORITE O'Keeffe paintings....Autumn Leaves, Lake George

Day 1:
Learning about O'Keeffe and filling out our Artist Book, Talking about fall color schemes, creating painted paper

Day 2: Practicing drawing leaves with the worksheet I made below then drawing the best one on the back of the painted paper they made, adding outline and veins with black tempera paint and flat head brushes
Day 3: Read slightly longer (but awesome) book from the Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artist series: Georgia O'Keeffe then had kiddos that didn't finish last time finish.

Resources I used:

Awesome bio video with her art and stop-motion animations, I read aloud the things that were written.

Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artists: Georiga O'Keeffe

This is a project I will for sure keep repeating throughout the future. The kids love it, it's beautiful, and the display is a favorite of mine!


  1. Nice! Can you tell me more about your artist books that the kids fill out?

    1. Sure! It's a page I put together that they fill out for each new artist they are introduced to. Most of it is write what I write but then they have to write a sentence about why they like or don't like the artist and then when they are done with the project we pull the page back out and they write something they remember about the artist or learned during the project about their process and give themselves a score. Maybe I'll do a quick little post today on it and take some screen shots :)

    2. As promised!