Sunday, December 6, 2015

Adaptive Art: Fall Projects Wrap Up

Now that Fall is officially over here in Wisconsin, here is a wrap up of the fall projects I did with my group of High School Adaptive Art Students...

 These were created with one of my favorite kinds of brushes to use to get texture, especially with this group of students...

Find them here from Roylco via School Specialty
We used oil pastels for the trunks. Thinking the trunks should have been thicker or maybe paint. I would possibly do this with Kindergarten or First grade for a one day project and maybe adding more to the background...inspiration came from this image only post via pinterest

 This is a project that has transformed from one I did last year with my Kindergarten and First Graders that you can see the original post from here. However, these ones are a billion times cooler with the bubble wrap printed leaves instead of the paper ones. I do also really enjoy the grass added to the bottom. I had my Ks and 1sts do them this year too but forgot about the green! Stay tuned for that post.

 Another repeat from a project I did with Ks and 1sts back in 2013. See the original project post here. Didn't make any changes except for not including the wind.

 A super quick (30 minutes or less) but fun activity we did. I created tracers of pumpkins and leaves and they cut and did texture rubbings on them. Inspiration came from pinterest via this post.
We used texture plates similar to these.

 This was an incredibly fun one. We created painted paper (front and back) and used a variety of brushes and bubble wrap of different sizes for the leaves and then painted the tube roughly with brown for the trunk. The next class we cut out cloud like shapes from the painted paper and inserted them into slits I cut in the tubes. Inspired by this post via pinterest.

This was the first real flop I have had with this group....The picture on the left was from the pin on pinterest via this artsonia post...and the two on the right are the best two from my group. Either I didn't do enough modeling or this was just too much for them. Might try again next year in a simpler way.

And last but not least, one of my favorites.... We had talked a lot at this point about leaves changing colors and how and why and this was a really fun visual representation of that. I had a leaf tracer for them and then we used oil pastels to color and try to blend to get the transitions of changing. I thought this one was also Pinterest inspired but I cannot seem to find the pin. Maybe it was my idea!

I'm still learning with this group and 3 days a week for 45 minutes is a lot of time and lesson planning but it is teaching me so much and it is such a relaxing part of my day that I really cherish!

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