Thursday, January 30, 2014

4th POV Snowmen

And snow so it begins the projects about winter and snow! And let me tell you, we have snow. Stevens Point, Wisconsin right now has 15 inches of snow on the ground and a new load comes every week. Also, POLAR VORTEX (which means 4 "cold days" off school). That Polar Vortex is one of the biggest reasons for lack of posts!

So here is the first winter project finished and displayed at all 3 schools...

These awesome guys were an extension from the POV Charcoal Trees I did with 4th. It was only a two class project but all of the students seemed to enjoy it and I will be doing this again next year! Once again a Pinterest inspired project that originated from this post.

Day 1, I started by taking 5 minutes at the beginning of class, without explanation as of why, having them draw a simple snowman. The only direction was a to chose a color to draw the snow in and keep it consistent, and to make it wearing something (or have accessories). Then I walked them through my examples which were 5 different views of my snowman and how they were drawn. The main objective was to have viewers piece together the snowman with each illustration. They were instructed to do this by not drawing the snowman as a whole in a regular forward view but in unique and different ways. By the end of the class most students had 2 or 3 finished.

Day 2, Work day and assembling! Right at the start of this project I was asked "How many do we do!?" My answer to that was at least 3 but we will keep making them until the last 15 minutes of class. This resulted in first moans or cheers, and followed with some students doing 10+ views (others managed to stretch out their drawings to do the minimum)! During the last 15 minutes students picked a color and assembled their strips.

I took up a lot of hall space for this but I wanted to hang every single one! They were just that awesome!

Kennedy Elementary...

Some students went a little more non-traditional...

Jefferson Elementary...

Another "non-traditional"

Some got smart and added a blank square as "really close up" 
McDill Elementary...

Arrows were added to ones that needed to be cut to display all of their drawings!
This one makes me so HAPPY when I look at it!

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  1. You have such great ideas. I love this one, too! This really ties into perspective and what you see from where. I want to do these with my kiddos, too!
    Kim @ Art on my Hands