Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2D and 3D Monsters! (Part 2)

Remember when I did that first set of monsters? Well these were started at the same time and finally finished after getting kiddos caught up!

This is the second time I have done this project. The first time was during my long term subbing and with 1st graders. Having now done it with 2nd grade, I think the little bit older group was a better choice.

Day 1, I started with reading Jeepers Creepers A Monstrous ABC and talked about what it meant to be original and unique. Then we brainstormed with a web all of the different ways monsters could look or things they could have. Then students drew what they wanted their monsters to look like and the colors they wanted to use.

Day 2, We read one of my favorite books Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli  as inspiration for our setting for our monsters, a city! Then students did a watercolor crayon resist of the city.

Day 3, Monster construction started with a demo of looking at my sketch and figuring out how to turn my drawing into the construction paper collage monster. Students had to use at least 15 pieces of paper and when they were finished, no pencil lines showing. This was the part of the project that was a lot more successful then when I did it with 1st graders. Translating mediums is a lot more difficult for 1st than it was for 2nd.

Day 4, Students finished constructing and added the sentence talking about what their monster liked to eat. I had them paint a tube that was the same color as their monster without telling them what it was for. This got them excited and made it a lot easier to start the 3D process the next class.

Day 5, I introduced the concept of 2D and 3D. One of the most common responses I get when asking students if they know what 3D is, is 3D movies. This is a good jumping off point because we talk about how it looks like you can touch things in the movie. I introduce further by having an object that matched a drawing somewhere in the room. Then I demo how to translate my 2D monster into 3D and the kiddos get to work. I did have students work from pictures of their monster rather than their actual project to keep their 2D monsters glue and paint free.

Day 6, One last work day and most were done!

And I'm proud to say no Pinterest was used in creating the 2D lesson/project! However, the 3D was inspired by this one!

Kennedy Elementary...

This huge case is right in the entry way at our school. I've been dying waiting to have something to put in it! LOVE IT.

McDill Elementary...

Jefferson Elementary...

This is the only display case I have... which really bums me out!

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