Saturday, April 2, 2016

Valentine's Art (2015)

Looks like I forgot to share these you know like almost 2 months ago.... better late than never!

I recently decided that I really like the way I do "holiday" project days. I will probably keep up with it until it doesn't work anymore.... I come up with, or borrow from the internet, a 1 Day project for K & 1st that they can take with. For 2nd-4th I pick/find a variety of short things they can bounce around to whatever piques their interest that they can also that with that day. The only rule for the 2nd-4th being no "free art". Here is a look at some of what they did on Valentine's Day 2015.

K & 1: We read a favorite book of mine for Valentine's Day called My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall. All of the pictures of animals are created using hearts! After the book I showed them pictures from previous years of artwork created by students using only hearts and then gave them a big pile of hearts I cut out to create from.

2-4th: Had that same option of creating artwork using hearts or they could do a few other things. I had paper quilling like at Christmas, watercolor pencils, lego challenges, tracing their hands to make a heart valentine, and good ol' fashion valentine making...

I really enjoy the variety that comes out of days like this and ALMOST makes me consider a semi-choice based classroom....

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