Monday, June 8, 2015

Paper Self Portraits with 3rd and 4th Grade

Sometimes projects turn out exactly how you envisioned them...and this was that time! It did end up taking slightly longer than I thought it would, nonetheless it was a fantastic end result!

I Can Statement: I can create a self-portrait out of paper that shows my hobbies and interests and meets the checklist requirements.

Day 1: Started the lesson with a quick Prezi about a few mind-blowing paper artists....

Next we looked at my example to determine what it said about me and to guess how many pieces of paper I used to make it. I was smart enough to take a picture of mine before I glued it all down...

Then I presented to them the checklist they were be going to be using for the project to make sure they were meeting requirements, it was attached to an envelope they kept their pieces in while working. This checklist is me hopefully moving in the direction of rubrics!

Here is the checklist:

Days 2-4: Because of the the detail required in this project it took almost all of my groups 3 or 4 days to complete their portraits. Well worth it! When they were totally finished, I had them add their "signature" to add an even more personal touch. SO SO proud.

*One side note, I HATE gluesticks because they just don't stick well. I know I know, hate is a strong word but HATE. My students were not happy about using regular glue but once they saw me putting it on the table and dipping pieces they were thrilled! What a rebel Miss Lapin!

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