Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If the Dinosaurs Came Back with Kindergarten

With architecture fresh in their minds from their winter houses I wanted Kindergartners to go from creating buildings using shapes to actually drawing buildings. I knew when I saw this post via pinterest awhile back that I HAD to do this project. Who doesn't love dinosaurs!? Let me tell you, just saying the word "dinosaur" to a kindergartner gets them excited!

I Can Statements:
I can draw a dinosaur using shapes
I can talk about architecture and draw a city

Day 1: Started the project with what else but the fabulous book If the dinosaurs came back  by Bernard Most. The first thing I wanted to bring to their attention was the lack of colors in the illustrations with the exception of the dinosaurs. After some serious questioning took place they eventually figured it out and I had them focus on the illustrations while listening to the story. After we read the book I had them watch a short demo of drawing buildings and making them more interesting than just a rectangle by adding layers like a cake and interesting windows and antennas. Then they got busy drawing either vertically or horizontally.

Day 2: Looked back at a great resource page in the book that features illustrations of each kind of dinosaur. I photocopied that page so that each student could have one. We talked about how each dinosaur is created from a bunch of different shapes and then practiced finding the shapes in the dinosaurs.**

After practicing finding the shapes in the dinosaurs and tracing them they got a 6x12 piece of paper to draw their dinosaur on using shapes. I encouraged them to use the entire piece but that proved difficult for some. When they were ready to paint they filled in the dinosaur making all the shape lines disappear and dinosaur appear!

Day 3: Gave the dinosaurs an outline with sharpie and added details and faces. Finishing touches were put on the cities, and the dinosaurs were cut and glued down!

On display with many other animals of sorts at McDill Elementary...

 Jefferson Elementary...

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