Tuesday, November 11, 2014

1st Grade Scarecrows

After finishing up Art History projects with each grade we moved into fall themed projects. I just can't resist seasons! I put a pretty big emphasis on what we are learning in the lesson so students know we are not just doing the project for fall. This project was inspired by a project on smArt Class via Pinterest.

I Can statement for the project: I Can draw a portrait of a scarecrow using detail

Day 1: Before I said anything about what we were doing I showed them this YouTube video of time lapses of fall trees to get them in the mood for our project

After the video, I showed them my Prezi with real pictures and clip art of Scarecrows. We talked about what was the same and different in the images and I even grabbed some scarecrow decorations from the library so we could look at some 3D versions of scarecrows too!

After our discussion, we did a draw along for the start of the scarecrows. We drew the shoulders, face shape, and hat line together and then talked about what details made a scarecrow different from a human and how those details were very important in making it look like a scarecrow. I let them go on their own after that to make sure their scarecrows looked as unique as possible. The draw along only took them this far....

After they finished drawing we outlined everything in regular marker. I tried to get them to outline in colors they were going to color in and put a huge emphasis on it but so it goes... a few didn't quite get that part ;)

Day 2: We started this class talking about what best coloring looked like. I did a few examples of what not to do before I reminded them of crayon colors best matching outline colors. For the final step and an extra finishing touch they did texture rubbings in the background!

Love these! So much personality! A few ended up looking more like clowns than scarecrows... but regardless of that each drawing unique and full of life!

Jefferson Elementary...

McDill Elementary...

Anyone know any good children's books about scarecrows? Would love to have one for this project!

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  1. I love how you incorporated texture rubbings into this lesson-great idea!