Friday, December 27, 2013


It is very frustrating when a class misses because it pushes everything back a week and sometimes that class misses a second time and then if I'm absent...this project should of been done at all 3 schools mid-Novemeber but alas, didn't get done until mid-Decemeber!

Nothing like hanging up a fall project with a foot if snow on the ground! However, I did get these up for the kids to see before Christmas break!

For this project, we looked at many different images of scarecrows and compared and contrasted them. Our discussion led to the idea that scarecrows can look very different but there are aspects that identify them as scarecrows. This idea really lets students explore their  personal creativity. I saw many students take this project far outside the box and it was amazing! I had scarecrows on the moon, criminal scarecrows, super hero scarecrows, and modern scarecrows with mohawks and Ipods! Of course there was classic scarecrows, but the detail they added was thought out and problem solving was very evident. Our other concept was backgrounds and creating a clear setting without distracting from our very awesome scarecrow subjects. Got the idea from this Pinterest post.

Jefferson Elementary....

Kennedy Elementary...

McDill Elementary...

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