Tuesday, July 5, 2016


A seriously silly and fun activity my students did at the end of the year-- I am also going to add it to my drawing activity binder for this upcoming school year.

 All of my grade levels were able to do this, including Kindergarten with just a little extra step by step how-to for them.

I'm sure you have seen other versions of these "Roll-A-whatever" drawing activities, I created a blank "Roll-A" template on the computer so I can type titles and categories and then hand draw the rolls. Then I scan the finished one back into the computer and upload/print away! (My monster version was inspired by one created by Expressive Monkey)

I HIGHLY recommend investing in foam dice. Makes a world of difference!

FYI, one of my kindergarteners did the black and white drawing on top.

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  1. Hi, I love your lessons! I was wondering if I may have permission to use your roll a monster in my virtual classroom? Thanks for your time. Best, Amy