Friday, January 2, 2015

One Day Holiday Projects

A few classes that already did the advocacy paper bag project in the previous class needed one more mini project the day before break. I decided to use the time for a little experimentation and to make some connections back to the classroom.

I always struggle with what grades to do what projects with so for fun I wanted to do the same project with kindergarten and fifth grade to see the differences. We did a quick draw along of a reindeer that I was inspired by via the fabulous Cassie Stephens from this post.

Here are the Kinder versions...

And the fifth...

This one was a crossover with the bags after he finished one on paper...

Second grade was doing Grinch Week before break so I tied into that with these fun oil pastel drawings I discovered via Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash. They had two different view options they could create and I even found a great little YouTube with a re-cap of the story and the song :)

I did a very short demo of how to draw the two different versions and put up a picture of a student example of each via Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash. A lot of kiddos did both drawings, one on each side! They were also very excited they got to take these with them that day!

Everyone ready to jump into 2015 with energy and optimism!?

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